Frequently Asked Questions

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Hopefully this page can answer any questions you might have. Our volunteers are happy to help out, but be sure to look for your question here first!

What is Jeeps At The Beach?

Jeeps at the Beach is an annual all-Jeep show to benefit the Upstate Foundation and Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital in Syracuse, NY.

When is Jeeps at the Beach?

Jeeps at the Beach 2021 marks the 10 Year Anniversary of this great show. We have helped raise approximately $60,000 for the Upstate Foundation in Syracuse, NY. JatB 2021 will be held Sunday August 1st in Sylvan Beach, NY from 9am to 5pm.

JATB is a rain-or-shine event!

Where is Jeeps at the Beach?

This year, we are planning to invade Sylvan Beach, NY once again and pack the area full of Jeeps!

Can any Jeep come?

Any JEEP model is welcome to register for the show. You do not have to register, but you will not be able to park amongst the “cool kids” and you will likely be razzed for not donating to our great cause. Don’t be a dweeb. Register your Jeep and be a better person for it!

As a charity event, our number one goal is to support the Upstate Foundation, so if your Jeep isn’t road-worthy or street-legal, you can still register and show it off. Trailer parking is limited and Jeeps at the Beach is not responsible for providing or maintaining trailer space.

How does registration work?

You can pre-register online (from the main page) for $15. You’ll get an email confirmation – please save a copy of this confirmation and also print it out if possible. When you arrive at the show, please have your confirmation (on paper or on your mobile device) ready so we can get you parked quickly and efficiently. Only one registration per Jeep is required! Free for spectators and passengers!

DAY OF EVENT registration is $20. To register the day of the event, simply show up at the event, follow the Jeep traffic to the “gate”, and have your $20 ready to go. Cash is preferred, as it is quicker.

After your registration is confirmed, you will receive a registration number card with the day’s event schedule, list of sponsors and maybe even a coupon for free goodies, services or nothing at all.

What do I need to know about COVID-19 and JatB?

JatB will encourage sensible and practical use of social distancing as you see fit. If you go into a business for fuel or food, please respect that business’ guidelines.

JATB is viewed positively by the community, both because of our charity donations and because we, as a show, have always behaved in a respectable manner. Please continue to represent JatB in a positive light as you choose to participate this year.

Can I bring my dog?

JatB is and always has been dog friendly. Please be aware of local laws and mandates regarding having your pet in public. Keep in mind that it may be hot, or raining, or storming, or hot…

If you do decide to bring your dog, make sure there’s an effective way to keep them cool, be sure they have plenty of water, and they remain on a leash at all times. We don’t want to see any pups or people hurt.

Please respect others by cleaning up any messes and by keeping your dog on a leash. Respect dog owners by asking before approaching, either to pet or to introduce your dog.

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