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Hopefully this page can answer any questions you might have. Our volunteers are happy to help out, but be sure to look for your question here first!

What is Jeeps At The Beach?

Jeeps at the Beach is an annual all-Jeep show to benefit the Upstate Foundation and Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital in Syracuse, NY.

When is Jeeps at the Beach?

Jeeps at the Beach 2020 is on August 2nd, 2020. Registration and check-in starts at 9 AM, but please take advantage of open registration all day to reduce traffic on NY-49.

JATB is a rain-or-shine event!

Where is Jeeps at the Beach?

This year, Jeeps at the Beach will not be held at Sylvan Beach due to COVID-19 closures and restrictions.

The event will start at Smitty’s Repair & Restoration at 2800 NY-49, West Monroe, NY 13167. After registering, you’ll be given a packet with a map of scenic waypoints along Oneida Lake. It is not required to stop at all waypoints, nor is there a required route that you must take.

Can any Jeep come to the Interactive Drive?

Any road-legal Jeep is welcome to attend Jeeps at the Beach 2020 Interactive Drive.

As a charity event, our number one goal is to support the Upstate Foundation, so if your Jeep isn’t road-worthy or street-legal, you can still register, get a packet and sticker, and enjoy the drive in your non-Jeep automobile!

Why is JATB 2020 an “Interactive Drive” and not a Jeep Show?

Due to COVID-19, the Town of Sylvan Beach has cancelled major events, including Jeeps at the Beach, Vettes at the Beach, and others. To comply with state and local regulations, and to respect social distancing guidelines, we’ve turned Jeeps at the Beach into an interactive, waypoint-based drive along Oneida Lake. It’s a great way to get out with your Jeep and see other Jeeps, while still respecting social distancing guidelines.

How does registration work?

You can pre-register online for $15. You’ll get an email confirmation – please save a copy of this confirmation and also print it out if possible. At registration (at Smitty’s Repair), please show us the confirmation on paper or on your mobile device (paper is easier!). Only one registration per Jeep is needed!

To register the day of the event, show up at Smitty’s Repair and the cost will be $20. Cash is preferred, as it is quicker. Please wear a face covering while interacting with volunteers during registration.

After your registration is confirmed, you’ll receive a packet with a map, waypoints, and a 2020 JATB sticker. You can purchase raffle tickets at Smitty’s or hit the road right away to your next waypoint!

What do I need to know about COVID-19 and JATB?

JATB will encourage and enforce social distancing guidelines, including face coverings when within 6ft of others (not those in your Jeep, obviously). If you go into a business for fuel or food, please respect that business’ guidelines.

We’ve designed the event to be fun and interactive, without the need for large gatherings. For example, raffles will be held on Facebook Live and winners will be contacted to pick up their items, instead of previous years where we all gathered around for the raffle (and for the hopes of getting a freebie thrown into the crowd!).

JATB is viewed positively by the community, both because of our charity donations and because we, as a show, have always behaved in a respectable manner. Please continue to represent JATB in a positive light as you choose your adventure and participate this year.

Can I bring my dog?

JATB’s Interactive Drive is much different than the normal Jeep show, so you can use your discretion if you want to bring your dog along for the drive this year. Keep in mind that it may be hot, or raining, or storming, or hot…

If you do decide to bring your dog, make sure there’s an effective way to keep them cool (does your A/C work?), they have plenty of water, and they remain on a leash at all times. We don’t want to see any pups (or people) get too hot!

Please respect others at the waypoints by picking up any messes and by keeping your dog on a leash. Respect dog owners by asking before approaching, either to pet or to introduce your dog.

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