THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE JatB 2022 Sponsors:

We couldn’t make Jeeps at the Beach happen without our sponsors. From raffle prizes and giveaway merch, to vendor booths and financial support, we greatly appreciate everything our sponsors do for the show. Sponsors help the show run smoothly and allow us to maximize our donation to Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital. Please take a moment and visit our sponsor pages for their content. Simply click on any of the links below.

Interested in sponsoring Jeeps at the Beach? Please get in touch with us to learn how you can help.

Smitty’s Repair & Restoration has been the primary sponsor for Jeeps at the Beach since its inception in 2012. Owner/Operator Michael Smith wanted to give back to the hospital that was there for his son as he underwent several surgical procedures as an infant and toddler. Smitty’s is a unique repair shop that handles all makes and models of all cars needing all repairs. From complex diagnostics to maintenance, with everything in between, Smitty’s truly does it all. Full restoration, paint, body work and detailing services are also a specialty at Smitty’s. Michael has taken his passion for his work and turned that into one of the most successful repair facilities in the area, that you can trust implicitly. Visit today or call 315-676-2131 to schedule an appointment for anything automotive!

Enchanted Forest Water Safari is the largest water park in NY. Set in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains, this unique park has been around since 1956. The only ride then was the Enchanted Forest Express train that went through the park. Today, they are rated #4 in the entire country for their awesome amusement and water park. Visit today and learn more!

Back in 2014 while coaching at Florida Tech, Randall Thompson was sitting in the dugout and listening to the hitting coach tell the guys to “FOCUS ON THE HANDS.” To emphasize his point, he cut off the top of a baseball bat and left the barrel sitting on the bench… BOOM! The idea hit Randall like a 12th inning walk off! The rest is history! Visit them today!

Skyjacker continues to strive to stay ahead of the game in the aftermarket industry. We were one of the very first ones to provide the market with a true suspension system for the 2018 Jeep JL and again for the 2020 Jeep Gladiator. Quality is our biggest goal and we have continued to strive for that since day one. Skyjacker builds quality suspension products…the best on the market. Visit them today!

Leashes, collars, outdoor gear and accessories are what you are looking for when you take your dog on those awesome adventures. WILDERDOG has joined the event this year! Please visit their website below for all of their great products.

RJ Kenny has been photographing the show since is began. His creative eye can be found easily in his photos, videos and other media. His subjects (whether Jeeps, people, places or events) always pop from their respective formats. RJ has several local businesses that look to him for their visual needs. Visit today!

Adams Driveshaft has been a part of Jeeps at the Beach in past years and we are excited to have them on board again this year for our 11th annual show. Visit today for all of your driveline upgrades!

We are pleased to announce Maguire Chrysler Dodge Jeep of Syracuse has returned to the show again as a major sponsor. Having dealer support at this event is important for a number of reasons, one of which is ensuring anyone interested in learning more about the “Jeep thing” has all of their questions answered. Maguire is one of the friendliest Jeep dealerships you will find in the area. Please visit them at the show!

Par-K Chrysler/Jeep

Par-K has joined the fun this year with a generous donation to the cause. They will have a couple of new Jeeps on display this year to check out. They will also have sales experts to speak to or to answer any questions you may have. THANK YOU to Par-K for coming to the show! Check them out at:

Top Lift Pros has joined the circus that is Jeeps at the Beach this year! What a surprise this was! ANYONE with a hard top can appreciate their products. Check them out below!

Bubba Rope! Not only is the name fun to say, but the highly functional products they sell are top notch. Visit them today to see what the buzz is all about! Not your average recovery gear!

JLAB tech designed for you, that fits your life, looks cool, and offers surprisingly awesome value. They create the products and features you actually want, and we make sure the entire experience of owning them is a great one. Check them out today!

Brewerton Special-Tees has made our tee-shirts for the past several years. They have taken us to a different level with their quality and professionalism. THANK YOU again for your continued support! Visit

We would like to welcome Kershaw Knives to the show this year! Jeeps and pocket knives, multi-tools and hatchets are a real thing! Thank you for joining our cause! Be sure to visit them at

Knockaround has high quality sunglasses that won’t break the bank. You cannot get much cooler than driving your Jeep with the top down, tunes up and sporting their shades. Visit them today for an amazing array of glasses.

AAP in Central Square, Oneida and Rome have all joined the show this year, with more support and items for our very popular raffle! Please visit

O’Reilly is new to Central Square this year and they were instantly on board when asked to join our cause! THANK YOU O’Reilly for your support! Visit today!

Bonnie Page has been adding her artistic flair to our show for the past several years. She has done live paintings at the show for our raffle and recently taken on bigger projects in support of our cause. Thank you, Bonnie! Visit her on FB today!

We would like to welcome Mantraband to the show this year! They feature jewelry and soft lines with inspirational messages throughout. They are on a mission to inspire and empower. Visit their website below for more information!

Dirty Acres Grille Inserts have joined our cause again this year! Dirty Acres has hundreds of designs for grille inserts on their website. Thank you for the support! Please be sure to visit for custom grill inserts!

B-WEAR has graced our show with their strong presence this year and we couldn’t be happier! They have so much to offer that you must click the link below to find out more. An incredible fashion and textile outlet awaits you!

Teraflex has been a part of Jeeps at the Beach for many years. We would like to thank them for joining us again this year! They never skimp on providing cool give-aways and raffle items! Please visit and check out their goods. Top notch parts and accessories for your Jeep!

JEDco is back with Jeeps at the Beach madness this year! Welcome JEDco and THANK YOU for your support and GREAT products! Please visit to see all of their officially licensed Jeep-inspired products!

We would like to thank Metal Cloak again for their generosity this year! They have become a household name among the Jeep and off-road community over the years. Their quality products will keep you coming back! Check them out!

Thank you to Twisted Axles this year for sponsoring a very cool challenge, co-sponsored by NAPA Auto Parts in Central Square. Please visit and see what they are all about. Then visit them at the show for a fun Jeep-repair challenge!

Thirsty?! Please visit and be sure to thank them for their first-time support this year at Jeeps at the Beach! The Wholesale Service area of McCraith Beverages and its subsidiary, High Peaks Distributing, covers a total of ten counties in Southern, Northern and Central New York Regions.

We welcome The Vinyl Decision by Deanna to the show again this year. Please visit her on FB @thevinyldecision and give a “THANK YOU” for being a part of the fun! She makes custom shirts, graphics, mugs, masks and more!

Rough Country has been a sponsor for many years and they never disappoint on their generosity. Give their link a click and see what they have to offer you for your Jeep!

Simply Southern is a proud sponsor of Child Fund International, Wounded Nature, Turtle Conservation Foundations and countless other charities. JatB welcomes Simply Southern Collection this year and we couldn’t be happier! Please visit them today

How can we NOT welcome a bakery and donut shop to our sponsor list!? Love Bugs is a fantastic local bakery that specializes in deliciousness. Please visit them today at

Float-Eh is so fun to say and such a fun company! Their water mats are made from premium quality materials and designed for maximum buoyancy. We’re pretty sure you’ll be hanging out on your floating mat until Summer’s end! Check out all of the different floats! Beavers! Loons! Fox! Moose!

Torq-Masters joins the JatB family for the first time this year! We couldn’t think of a more appropriate year being our 10 Year Anniversary! From differential lockers to much stronger-than-stock axle shafts, they have all the driveline upgrades you will want. Please be sure to check them out at You will be sure to find many products for your Jeep to make it more capable off-road. THANK YOU, Torq-Masters!

Purple has joined the show this year! They heard about how much fun we have and decided we need to have some quality rest after the show! Come to the show this year to see what they have to offer! THANK YOU< Purple!

Bark Box has joined the fun and madness this year! Every BarkBox has 2 innovative toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats, and a chew, curated from each month’s unique themed collection. Please be sure to visit their site today for some really great pup products!

Anyone, anywhere that has any kind of Jeep has heard of Extreme Terrain Outfitters. They are known for having any part or accessory available to ship to your door quickly. Extreme Terrain has been involved with the show many times and we are excited to see them again this year! Visit the site today!

We would like to thank Oneida County Sheriff Association for their presence this year. They will be setting up Child ID’s at the show for anyone interested. Please stop in and say hello to them! Visit the website below for additional information. Thank you for your service!

We would like to welcome and thank Shady Rays to the party! They didn’t want to make sunglasses that cost hundreds of dollars and risk breaking, scratching, or losing them, so they designed premium quality glasses and back it up with the best warranty around! Visit them today!

We would like to welcome Marty’s Mobile Detailing this year! He will be sure to give your Jeep the extra attention it deserves. Give Marty a shout for all your detailing needs!

Welcome BlendJet! The BlendJet portable blender delivers game-changing technology that lets you make fresh smoothies, shakes, or mixed drinks wherever you go. Please do yourself a favor and try one of their products. You will not go without it again!

Summit Racing Equipment has been a part of the show since 2012. We can’t thank them enough for continuing to support our cause. Their name is synonymous with quality, speed and performance products. Check out their Jeep parts lines today!

The fully renovated Historic Cleveland House is conveniently located on State Route 49 in the heart of beautiful Cleveland NY. Visit them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or to enjoy drinks with friends while taking in the pristine view of Oneida Lake. Visit them today!

Office Max/Office Depot are managing all of our printed registration cards this year, and we cannot thank them enough. This is huge undertaking and such a huge help to all of us behind the scenes at Jeeps at the Beach. THANK YOU, Office Max in Cicero!

We would like to welcome MotoFab to the show! MotoFab lifts is the industry leader in leveling lift kits. Their leveling lift kits are the highest quality available. MotoFab lift kits come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty. Please visit their site today for more product information.

Flex It Pink was created as a place for women to go to feel supported, empowered, loved, and just a place to vent when the going gets tough. Their number one priority is to help support, educate, and lead every woman who needs help in each step of their journeys without judgment. Visit today!

We would like to welcome Warn back to the show this year! Warn Industries is a very well known manufacturer of winches, recovery gear, accessories and a history of top quality along the way. Please visit their site today!

Jeeps at the Beach would like to welcome SPIDERWEBSHADE to the show! SPIDERWEBSHADE has grown rapidly over the years and it remains most important for them to have personal relationships with their dealers and clients. They have countless testimonials and correspondence from our happy customers. Visit them today!

Welcome to the show, Cozy Earth! At Cozy Earth, we start with selecting only the best suppliers with an eye towards quality, responsible production, cutting edge technology, and premium materials. Please visit today!

Since 1970, Cannon Pools and Spas has been the local leader in pools, spas and all the supplies you will need to clean, maintain and enjoy your investment. They join the show this year with generous support. Thank you! Please visit today!

Jeeps at the Beach welcomes Corbeau Seats to the show this year! Corbeau has been known for many years to be a top tier supplier of seats and related safety equipment. Check them out below!

Breathe Easy of CNY, Inc is a local heating & air conditioning company that is dedicated to providing the best possible solution for your home or business. You can count on them to provide you with a system and solution that fits your unique needs. They have earned a reputation for doing the job right the first time. Give their site a visit today!

Design a Stone strives to give you the best quality product. Made of an enhanced high-strength concrete with high quality materials to stand the time of time. They have been generous to us and joined the sponsor list this year. Please pay them a visit for your own one-of-a-kind decorative stone.

If you have been around the off road community at any point in time, you will have heard of Hi-Lift Jacks. They joined the show this year and we are excited to have them with us. Please pay their site a visit for all of their awesome products.

Lowe’s in Cicero, Oneida and Rome joins the cause this year! Thank you to the staff and managers for your generosity. Please stop in at the Rome, Oneida or Cicero stores and thank one of the managers for the donations!

While Sand Cloud grows their company making a difference in the welfare of marine life, you should visit their site for a huge array of merch, beach goodies and accessories. Thank you for helping us with our cause!

Basic Bits joins the fun this year! Check out all of their basic hats, apparel and accessories for the basic girl in you! Please visit their site below for a complete array of everything they have to offer.

O&J elevates the salon experience, giving women personalized attention and luxury service at an approachable price. With a new line of products, O&J is elevating the at-home experience too! We would like to thank them for their support in this year’s show. Visit them today!

Hempz formulate all their products with non-toxic, plant-based ingredients. Whether they’re using pomegranate extract to help calm inflammation or shea butter to condition hair and skin, their favorite ingredients come from nature, not a test tube. Please visit their site for more information!

Dura-Coating Technology is a small family business operating in Naples Florida. Their mission is to deliver products that not only really work, but work really really well. We offer products that are what we call “Professional Grade”. That means they deliver non-diluted products that you actually will use less of saving money along way. Check them out!

The Wilson family owns and operates the company that formulates and distributes White Diamond Detail Products. The brand started in 1999 in their home basement with one product – the metal polish – where bottles were filled by hand, one at a time. Since then, White Diamond has grown from a true grassroots approach, by going to truck and motorcycle trade shows, giving personal demonstrations to potential buyers. Check their site today!

Jeeps at the Beach welcomes Aged and Ore to the sponsor group this year. They make specialty products for adult beverages ranging from at home flights to travel products. Give their site a visit for more information on the company and their goods!

In addition to being your authorized KTM dealer,  TNT Sport Cycle also offers a variety of  services and riding accessories to ensure you are Ready to Race! Visit them today at

For contemporary dining in historical Rome, NY, Sugarbeets Kitchen and Bar can’t be beat! We would like to thank them for their support this year and ask you to visit them online and in person! Thank you, Sugarbeets!

ACE Hardware from both Rome and Brewerton joined the fun this year. Thank you kindly for the support! ACE is synonymous with quality and value. Please visit either store in person or go online and shop the stores.

Badass Moto is run by people who are passionate about motorsports, especially motorcycles. They live, breathe, and dream motorsports all the time and develop products that make their passion easier, more practical, and even more fun. Visit their site for all kinds of accessories, gear and swag. Thank you for your support!

On one side, you have good ol’ whiskey – a bold, loud, and strong partner-in-crime who exudes confidence. On the other, we have peanut butter – a rich, smooth, and irresistible spread that’s as dependable as they come for all your late night cravings. Skrewball Whiskey has become a popular choice among whiskey lovers. Check them out today!

Since 1937, car guys and gals have bought from, trusted, and shouted from the rooftops all about EATON Detroit Spring.So can they make springs for your vehicle? Probably. And if they can, they will fit perfectly! Us old skool Jeepers know the importance of a high quality leaf spring. Visit them today for what they do!

Denise Allen is the operator at Ruff Cuts and Stuff dog grooming and supplies. She has been a staple with Ruff Cuts for over 6 years and is always taking new clients! You can trust Denise for all of your dog’s grooming needs. Please visit below for more information! today!

McCaffer welding and fabrication has joined in the sponsorship community this year. Gordy is a long-time professional welder and fabricator and has also been involved in teaching his craft. Gordy is not only one of the area’s absolute best, but he is also very approachable and easy to work with. Give him a call today at the number above!

Since 1983, Tri-Valley Beverage has served the Adirondack region of Central New York. They are a 4 time Anheuser-Busch Ambassador of Excellence Winner, offering a broad portfolio of Anheuser-Busch products. Please visit their site today for more information on this local distributor. Thank you, Tri-Valley Beverage!

Big Apple Music of New Hartford has been serving CNY for over 40 years! Their name has been a staple for the region and is synonymous with quality products and great service. They carry all the best brands in a wide variety of guitars, amps, drums, keyboards, band instruments, and a full line of lighting and accessories. Visit them today!

Tractor Supply of Rome joins the sponsorship team this year. Of course TSC has been known for decades for providing products for agriculture, home gardening, farming, feed, tools and equipment and many other unique goods. Please visit the Rome, NY store and thank their team for the sponsorship!

Alien Sunshade joins the fun again this year! Us Jeepers love their products and service. If you don’t know about Alien Sunshade, do yourself a favor and check their site out below! They have products for nearly every Jeep out there.

Pizza King and Jeeps at the Beach go way back… The owner has always been very kind to us here at Jeeps at the Beach, by offering special day-of-show discounts and specials. Please show your local support by visiting them for a bite to eat while enjoying the show this year! Visit below!

The 169 Rhythm Section will be providing hours of music entertainment again this year, as Jeeps at the Beach’s exclusive band. If you are new to their music, come to the show and you will not be disappointed! Providing the popular covers the you all know and love with their own unique style added in. True professionals will be rocking the Jeep show again! Check out their Facebook page below.

Four Minnows in Cleveland, NY has joined the sponsorship team this year. Thank you! Four Minnows specializes in comfort food with a contemporary twist.  The Tap Room is now open and serving beer, wine and your favorite spirits. Please visit them today and give them a “thank you” by supporting their business.

Tiny Camper Co. has joined the show this year and really came through for us in a big way by donating one of their custom campers! Please look into this company and what they are about. Amazing is what comes to mind!

Sport Truck USA is a company with a reputation for manufacturing high-quality suspension components and providing excellent customer service within the automotive aftermarket industry. They have joined the show this year and we would like to welcome them kindly! Thank you! Please visit their site below:

Of course we have all heard of Delta Sonic and we are happy to have them on board with us this year! Delta Sonic was founded in 1967 in Niagara Falls, NY, Delta Sonic has 29 locations throughout Western and Central New York, Chicago, Illinois and Erie, Pennsylvania. Visit them today for detailing and oil change services.

Nate and Liz have joined the show again this year and we are excited to have them. If you have ever wondered about camping in your Jeep, but can’t quite figure out how to do it comfortably, visit their site today for all of their products!

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